Saturday, 8 March 2014

All About Me

My evolution as a teacher has been neither a linear or an internal process but rather the result of the hybrid of countless experiences that have brought me to my present becoming.  Various axiomatic sociocultural aspects, my education - both formal and informal - and the wonderful people whom I have encountered in various environments have all contributed to the me of today.   My professional development has been rooted in social justice values where equitable access to education, opportunity, and language has been at the heart of my teaching pedagogy.  

            Building on experiences, life-long curiosity, extensive travel, enjoyment of people, a love of learning and fifteen years of teaching in various locations, I remain aware of the need to adopt a variety of pedagogical practices to meet institutional demands and the diverse wants and aims of English Language Learners (ELLs).   My preference is to adopt a social constructivist approach to language learning that  promotes students' innate curiosity while expanding their horizons towards greater self-determination.  By engaging learners in creative and proactive activities, a platform is built for the seizing of responsibility for self-authorship within their learning.   Implementing technology into this framework seems to be a natural fit, but is something I have not done to date.

      This blog will be reflective in nature.  I will comment on articles from my Technology and TESOL EML 515 at Charles Sturt University.

That is for all the Who fans in the course who undoubtedly made the course code link to this classic.

 I am confident that in the long run my studies will assist my students achieve their language learning ambitions.   I am also hopeful that an increase in my own online presence will help me become aware of the wonderful tools available for teachers and learners.

      My first attempt has been met with a moderate degree of frustration.  I have created an All About Me map in an attempt to introduce to you who I am.  However, I ran into difficulties trying to attach personal photos to my text.  If anybody knows how I can achieve this, please let me know!    I wish everyone good luck with their studies in this course.


  1. Hi David,

    I used to blog with eBlogger ages ago. I stopped blogging after I had my first child as I just couldn't spare the time. Unfortunately I've forgotten most of the HTML coding for doing cool stuff with layout and pics. Let me look into it again and I'll get back to you.

  2. And I started wearing glasses since year 10.

    1. That would be great.... I am not sure how much html coding is needed. Hopefully none, as I would not know where to start. But, if you do find anything, please let me know.