Monday, 24 March 2014

Technology and Opportunity

More than Space Invaders
Technology can not only access information at incredible speeds, helps organise and present it in useful meaningful methods to facilitate wishes and desires.  Technology can re-orientate our teaching towards the practice of making better lives... to enable wishes and hopes.  It can provide creative means to spur on curious learners to forge ahead in fields that are of interest while sparking intrinsic motivation and the promote the desire to learn.

Technology provides the opportunity to reflect on decisions and this higher order skill can help frame learners' ideas into contexts beyond the classroom's four walls.   Learning practice can extent and with positive results at the community level. The more we question, we discover and learn about possibilities.   Existing gaps between what is the current reality and what is an ideal reality can be solved by understanding where to access information to help in creating creative solutions. 

This ties in nicely with the concept of additionality where something is not happen unless you are actually doing it.  Learners become involved in larger projects. The ability of technology to link with the real world reveals to classroom participants the skills, both of the practical and cognitive variety, that can be pursued to develop dreams.

Using information can help define who we are and help clarify where to invest often limited resources.   Hopefully, classrooms become places to learn the tools to be able to create innovative problem solving techniques and implement new ideas to provide hope where hope previously it might not have existed.  

Two TED Talks inspired this little blurb.  Logan the hack-schooler/skiier: 

Google's Larry Page.

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