Monday, 21 April 2014

Teacher Learner Profiles

In considering how to implement technology, a short exercise in self reflection will help me see what steps I need to undertake in order to meet my varied students' learning needs.

I see myself as a blend between what Lewis (2010) termed "old schooler" and "innovator".  Like the old schooler, I adopt adopted technology into my daily classroom life, but use it similar to more more traditional classroom tools.  Technology coexists within my established lesson plan.  It supports, and extend learning but does not influence the process.  But, I am also slowly embracing the innovative uses of technology to transform the learning process.  In this way, technology use promotes learner autonomy and supports critical and creative thinking and problem solving skills.  I want to infuse my lessons with real-life content, authentic communication and opportunities to create products with a professional look and feel and share them to a wide audience.

The learning environment where I teach is directly liked to the internet (by broadband) and therefore well equipped to handle large chunks of data.  Students have access to the internet so students can share information between computers.  Student work is saved on a central server.  Computers are not locked so new software and social applications.   However, training and technical support is limited.  There is  no one for me to turn to for help when advice is needed but rely on online help functions. 

Students digital literacies varies across the board, but all students would benefit from a reminder of the importance of questioning sources being accessed. I would like to encourage reflection of what source is being used. Preselecting websites and provide students with the evaluative tool to critique websites.  Identify the author/organization – verify the credentials.

To help my students facilitate their learning aspirations, they need to be competent in manipulating the various constituent multimedia elements that make up a new digital text and these needs are incorporated into the teaching and learning activities.

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