Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bringing Technology into the Classroom

Bringing Technology into the Classroom

Reflecting on Branham's (2012) opinion encourage the integration of technology into their learning process.

READING: Branham, M. (2012).  Bringing Technology into the Classroom is a Process, Not and Event.  Capitol Ideas, 55(5), 28-29.  Retrieved from:

Throwing technology into the classroom without careful thought wastes limited resources.  Integrating technology to align with student learning needs must be strategically planned to help develop students’ life long learning skills.   Within the context of my current teaching environment at RMUTK,  there is no tradition of students actively using technology; mobile devices are often banned in the classroom.  The pedagogical benefits of implementing technology into classrooms to stimulate learner curiosity, raise motivation, promote lifelong learning and learning autonomy has not yet been acknowledged.  

The article points to technology usage helping teachers become more efficient.  A prerequisite to this is to supply teachers with the necessary training assistance, or their will not be a reduction time teachers spend grading tasks or developing lesson plans.  At RMUTK, it is possible that technology awareness could help transform the current educational model.   Last week, I conducted a simple survey asking my learners if they would like more input in their course content.  Response from my learners indicated they would love to adopt personalized learning strategies that tailors to their strengths and weaknesses.  To address this, teachers can access programs and gain information regarding areas of need and point them to appropriate sources to further the students' personal development.  

Regrettably, RMUTK (like most educational institutions) is financially strapped.   Computers are collecting dust in computer labs and adopting a wasteful technology implementation strategy would be detrimental.  Purchasing more hardware is not going to help the learners or the institution in the long-run.   The current internet grid can not be relied upon and needs to be upgraded.  But can RMUTK afford the cost?  Or for the sake of its students not afford the cost? 

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